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How Do I Create a Video Exhibit?

For most people, we don’t often think of the process behind making a video exhibit. We just walk into Museums of other attractions, see a screen, push a button and watch the video. Easy right? What if you were suddenly tasked with creating an exhibit of your own, would you know how to create a video exhibit? If the answer is no, this post aims to show you how…

How do I create a Video Exhibit?

It may seem like a bit of a mystery but in reality, it’s actually quite simple.¬†All video exhibits are created using the same 4 hardware components.

Each of the examples pictured have the same core elements in common. They use all of or a combination of;

    1. A Player
    2. A Trigger
    3. A Video Output
    4. An Audio Output

These 4 things are behind almost every video exhibit you’ve ever seen…