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Av Production

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At blackbox-av we offer a comprehensive AV production service for those clients requiring content for use on any of our products. This covers all forms of media, from simply editing and uploading existing audio/video content to ensure compatibility with our products, or the creation of completely fresh content including concept and recording/filming – we can do it all.


We are able to produce film and audio, along with digital and other media for use in various interactives. For products such as Tour Guides we can produce storyboards, scripts and record with professional actors if desired. Or for our more visual products we can produce  We also provide an onsite service for the recording of audio clips on location.

Check out some examples of video and audio we’ve produced below,

or hit the button to see some in our portfolio;

The life cycle of a plastic bottle
As part of the design and installation of a visitor centre at the Bryn Pica Recycling Facility we produced an animated video for viewing on a special transparent screen. What first appears to be a showcase of various plastic bottles and recycled plastic beads, turns into an educational video regarding the life cycle of a recycled plastic bottle when a button is pressed.
The Battle of the Somme
For a mixed hardware and software project at The Inniskillings Regimental Museum in Northern Ireland we produced a number of videos focusing on World War One. Working with a team of historical interpreters (aka the “Khaki Chums”) at a re-creation of a period trench system we produced a Battle of the Somme short film which was later nominated for ‘best film on a budget’ at the AV awards.
Llanyrafon Manor
This welcome video produced for Llanyrafon Manor in Cwmbran is a great example of what can be created on a tight budget.  A small amount of actors/actresses were utilised and filming was squeezed into a single day shoot on site at the Manor grounds. The client team were happy to provide input during filming and assisted where possible with props and wardrobe.
Here are some examples of our work, produced for use on our audio products with each clip recorded in English and Welsh. Our offer can inculude;


  • Storyboarding
  • Research
  • Recording of client produced content
  • Sourcing of sounds and sound effects
  • Voiceover in any language using professional actors for the best results
  • Editing and producing
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