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The Best Museum Touchscreen Software

Looking for the best museum touchscreen software? Check out our easily customisable range of software that lets you take control of your own interactives.

Lightbox 3 is the most versatile and affordable museum touchscreen software available. Our multi-purpose off-the-shelf software package allows you to create anything from Collection based interactives to fun informative games such as Memory or Puzzle.

Thanks to the simple to use content management system you can create your interactive, change content and re-design as you go. Check out the available apps below.

Available Apps…


Collections allows you to share a host of multi-media items with visitors in a user friendly manner. With the ability to create galleries with your own audio, video and image files you can present visitors with an interactive tour of your archives.

Tell stories, share before unseen media files or just provide visitors with access to a wealth of information, all within an easily managed and customised system.


Hotspot is one of the most versatile applications available, developed primarily for use as museum software but also effective in any public setting. Take a high resolution image and overlay points of interest for further investigation.

Although ideal for creating map style interactives, you can add information markers to any image, offering an unlimited amount of possibilities. Highlight aspects of famous paintings, bring a battlefield to life or explore how the local landscape has changed over time.


Take any image and turn it into a fun interactive puzzle. With a choice of difficulty settings and the ability to trigger further information upon the successful completion of each puzzle, this isn’t just a fun game for visitors to play but an opportunity to educate as well.

The best way to learn is when having fun, which is what makes Puzzle such great interactive museum software.


Memory is another fun interactive that can entertain as well as educate visitors. Set a number of images to function as pairs with the option of triggering further information upon their successful matching.

Set how many pairs are displayed across 3 progressively more difficult levels and brand the whole thing to your requirements with the easy to use Lightbox 3 Manager.


Put visitors to the test with Quiz. Create multiple choice touchscreen quizzes boasting custom completion screens as well as optional further information upon the answering of questions.

Use this museum software to program 50 questions which are asked at random and in a set number each time the quiz is played, creating a new experience for every user.

Web Browser

Do you have online content you would like to share from within a locked down kiosk in your museum, heritage site or public place? Web Browser lets you do exactly that.

Brand to your requirements using easily customised themes and allow users access to a single site, page, domain or multiple sites with Browser.