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Lightbox 3 - Showcase

See how our Lightbox 3 Museum Touchscreen Software has been used in unique ways to engage and inform at sites around the world.

Lightbox 3 is our multi-purpose off-the-shelf interactive software package created for museum touchscreen applications – with a choice of various apps you can pick and mix exactly which you require to educate and entertain visitors.

Here are some examples of how the various Lightbox 3 applications have been used so far by different clients.


Llyn Llech Owain

Llyn Llech Owain Country Park is 180 acres of beautiful Welsh heartland, home to a range of activities such as nature trails, the lake, a wooden adventure playground and rough mountain terrain for cycling. Visitors are able to learn more about the Park through a Lightbox 3 Hotspot interactive, installed on one of our 55″ Touchscreens.

Sewerby Hall

At the Georgian-era Sewerby Hall, there are two rooms dedicated to renowned aviatrix Amy Johnson, who was invited to open the hall to the public in 1936. Visitors can learn about her early life and record breaking flights via a touchscreen kiosk installed with a Lightbox 3 Hotspot interactive, then test their knowledge with Memory and Quiz.

National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland’s, ‘Rainbow Revolution’ exhibition was opened to celebrate the ongoing LBGTI+ movement. To accomodate the large amount of memorable artefacts, we supplied NMI with a selection of off-the-shelf 22″ All-in-One Touchscreen’s alongside Lightbox 3 Collections and Hotspot.

Discover Carmarthenshire

We utilised Hotspot, Collections and Web Browser alongside a large 55″ touchscreen to display an interactive map and other information that visitors to the Millennium Coastal Park Discovery Centre can use to inspire their next Carmarthenshire adventure.

ABBA Museum

The ABBA Museum in Sweden used Collections to create a digital jukebox, allowing visitors to browse and listen to an archive of ABBA music.

Rhondda Heritage Park

Hotspot, Collections & Puzzle were used in the Rhondda Heritage Park to share an array of information with visitors, including an interactive world map that tells the story of immigration to Wales and a population boom thanks to the mining industry.

W5 Science & Discovery

W5 Science and Discovery Centre in Belfast partnered with Almac Group in help promote careers in STEM. Using Collections they created an interactive that helps users understand what opportunities are open to them in such a career.

W5 Science & Discovery

We’ve made all of our Lightbox 3 Applications with ease of use in mind, both for establishments and their users. W5 Science and Discovery Centre utilised Quiz to create an interactive with a shuffling list of questions about the human body, ensuring no two attempts are the same for each user.

Dinosaur World Torquay

Dinosaur World, Torquay teaches visitors about dinosaurs in a fun interactive way with Memory, as pairs are matched information about that particular dinosaur is shared

Cardiff Story

Collections was used by the Cardiff Story museum to share stories from people who have lived or are living in Cardiff, providing insight on their lives, their priorities and their Cardiff.

Rock Around The Hills

Rock Around The Hills used Collections in their moving exhibition to share a large archive of gig posters, leaflets, ticket stubs and other memorabilia.

The Grange

The Grange used Collections to showcase their history and share exactly what their valuable work entails with visitors.

Chatsworth House

With a custom home screen created using Hotspot and Collections for everything else, Chatsworth House were able to create a unique user experience and allow exploration of their Old Master Drawings archive.

St. Peters Church

Collections was used to great effect at St. Peters Church to provide a history of the church and an insight into Lewis Carroll’s life at Croft which was the inspiration for many of his famous books.

High Lodge

Hotspot alongside an outdoor 42″ touchscreen allows users to view interactive maps that provide information on how High Lodge and Thetford Forest has been used throughout history

Oceanography Centre

Hotspot powers three different 43″ touchscreens and allows the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton to demonstrate the importance of their work. Browser also links to a virtual tour for the bridge of the RMS James Cook. 

Bryngarw Country Park

Collections was installed onto two 43″ touchscreens at the Visitor Centre in Bryngarw Country Park, each running their own Lightbox 3 creation. One displays a series of educational videos, the other a photo gallery of Bryngarw Country Park with submissions from visitors.

Northam Burrows

Two touchscreens run Lightbox 3 software at Northam Burrows. One offers a film a centuries old photo gallery of the surrounding area thanks to Collections. While Hotspot allows visitors to learn more about significant areas of North Devon. Both screens are capable of testing your knowledge with Puzzle and Quiz.

Royal College of Music

PageTurn was utilised by the Royal College of Music in London to provide some elevated insight into viewing decades old sheet music, each page playing the music written into its pages.