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Lightbox 3 - Tutorials

Learn how to use our Lightbox 3 fully customisable interactive software, designed for museum, heritage, learning and commercial applications.

Jan 14, 2019 | Tutorials

Lightbox 3 is our multi-purpose off-the-shelf interactive touchscreen software package with a choice of applications that lets you educate and entertain visitors. You can pick and mix exactly which applications you want to use.

Here you will learn everything you need to know to put together high quality, fully customised interactives – all easily branded to your exact requirements. If you haven’t purchased Lightbox 3 or want to download a demo version, check out the product page.

LB3 Tutorials

Lightbox 3 – Overview

A look at the Lightbox 3 management system – tour the management interface and discover how easy Lightbox 3 is to work with. 

Installation and Import

Install and Uninstall Lightbox 3. Look into the import / export functionality. We recommend first time users install and import our demo content (all downloadable from the product page).

Menu and Attractor 

Watch this tutorial for instructions on the Menu and Attractor screens. Create a looping attractor which displays when your screen is inactive, and a menu system for linking to multiple apps and screens. 


This tutorial will guide you through the ‘Collections’ app. Put together fully customised multi-media presentations using your own content. Easily branded and arranged to your requirements.


This tutorial will guide you through the ‘Puzzle’ app. Create puzzle games with fun and informative completion screens. Choose from 5 difficulty levels.


This tutorial will guide you through the ‘Memory’ app. Challenge visitors to find all of the pairs across up to 3 levels with 2-32 pairs to match in each. 


This tutorial will guide you through the ‘Quiz’ app. Put visitors to the test and create multiple choice touchscreen quizzes boasting custom completion screens as well as optional further information upon the answering of questions.

Web Browser

This tutorial will guide you through the ‘Browser’ app. Allow locked-down visitor web browsing. Link to a specific or multiple different sites, allow access to a single page or an entire domain and utilise the whitelist functionality to stop visitors accessing any disallowed sites.