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Wall Mounted Kiosk – Clydebank Museum


We are all installed now! Looks amazing! It works like a dream! I am very pleased with the way it has turned out and thanks for being so patient.

– The Clydebank Museum Team

The Clydebank Museum in Scotland is Situated beside the shipyard where many of the famous liners of the Clyde were built. Due to its large ship building industry it became a target for bombing runs during World War 2.

Found in the Clydebank Museum are local, social and industrial history collections including shipbuilding and engineering, a major collection of Singer sewing machines along with Clydebank Blitz displays.

Wall Mounted Kiosk

We were originally approached by the Clydebank Museum with enquiries about a possible wall kiosk for use within the museum that would allow visitors to access various forms of media regarding the history of shipbuilding in Clydebank as well as the history of the Singer Manufacturing Company, all from a single terminal. This just so happened to coincide with the fact we were finalising development on our new more advanced multi-touch screen Wall Mounted Kiosk, which is designed for precisely such an application.

Lightbox 2

Coupled with Lightbox 2 the wall mounted kiosk was ideal for the Clydebank Museums needs, allowing visitors to explore various forms of media at the touch of a button. Lightbox 2 is our custom software designed specifically for multi-touch screens and allows museums to create exciting exhibits from archived audio and visual content.

The kiosk and software has been a great success for the museum, bringing an interactive touch to future exhibits.

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