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COVID Friendly AV Solutions

Audio Visual non touch solutions created as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Adapting to a new normal

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world as we know it, it seems every day new regulations are released in a bid to combat the pandemic whilst retaining some semblance of normality.

With that in mind we’ve released a new range of non touch solutions that can help you protect the public whilst staying open.

    1. 22″ Hand Sanitiser & Video Display
    2. 43″ Portable Outdoor Battery Powered Display
    3. 8″ Realtime Body Temperature Display

22" Hand Sanitiser and Video Display

43" Portable Outdoor Battery Powered Display

8" Realtime Body Temperature Display

22 Inch Fully Automated Hand Sanitiser and Video Display

1. 22" Hand Sanitiser & Video Display

The Hand Sanitiser & Video Display is a great all-in-one contact-free solution, perfect for busy locations where hygiene is key. Display custom video alerts whilst providing access to an automatic non touch soap dispenser.  


24/7 Contactless Solution
Non Touch Soap Dispenser
Easy to Maintain
Plug and Play
Rugged Steel Enclosure
Optional Stand Available
43 Inch Portable Outdoor Battery Display

2. 43" Portable Outdoor Battery Powered Display

Display video or images with the Portable Outdoor Battery Powered Display and secure into a position using the locking bar. The display is entirely weatherproof and a full charge will last 14 hours. 

Plug and Play Mobile Kiosk
Battery Powered
IP65 Rated Weatherproof
High Brightness
Secure Locking Bar
Modern and Robust
8Inch Realtime Body Temperature Display

3. 8" Realtime Body Temperature Display

The Realtime Body Temperature Display is a unique non touch thermometer allowing for safe entry into buildings. Built with a 99.7% identification accuracy, this solution can read a user’s temperature and once connected to your clocking in/out system can either allow or deny entry. 

Automatic Non Touch Thermometer
Mask Detection
Clock In/Out System
High Security Facial Recognition
Temperature Light Indicator
Mounting Options

Plug ‘n’ Play Media Players or upgrade to an online CMS…

The optional CMS available for the Battery Display and Sanitiser Dispenser allows you to put together media presentations using your own content and publish these remotely via LAN or WiFi. Contact us to find out more.

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Additional Covid Friendly Products…

Check out some of the other products we have available that can allow you to present AV media to visitors whilst avoiding touch. 

Media Screen 32/43/50/55/65″

The MediaScreen is a simple to use video screen that incorporates a HD media player with ‘plug n play’ content. This means you simply put your content on a USB stick and the unit will show your pictures and videos on a continuous loop.

The MediaScreen boasts a commercial quality IPS screen with 178 degree viewing angle, is brighter than your average domestic screen and is rated for 24/7 usage.

PIR activated speaker

Message in a Speaker PLUS (MIAS)

The Message in a Speaker PLUS (MIAS+) is a motion sensor speaker that incorporates a PIR, speaker and in-built audio player.  

Activated by a PIR sensor the MIAS+ triggers an audio file when movement is detected making it a great way to incorporate user prompted effects without requiring physical interaction.   


Wave Sensor

IR Wave Sensor 

The Infrared wave sensor is a non-touch trigger (switch). It can be connected to our range of audio or video players allowing you to simply wave your hand in-front of the sensor to interact.

Easy to install the wave sensor is mounted through a surface and allows visitors to directly activate audio or video content (when paired with a VideoClip or SoundClip) without physical touch. 


Video Loop Software Touchscreen

TS Video Loop

TS Video Loop was developed upon request by a number of clients who had various Touchscreen interactives in the exhibition space but due to Covid restrictions wanted to lock these out from interactivity but still utilise the screens. 

This app allows you to program any Windows PC to launch into a single video on loop whilst locking out touch interaction. 


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