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Solar Audio Post – RSPB Conwy

It’s great to have our audio post installed at RSPB Conwy, introducing people to various bird sounds as they enter the nature reserve. Our RSPB volunteers installed it, and we plan to change the bird sounds and voice over each season. Thank you to Blackbox-av, when I made my initial enquiries asking you loads of questions, you were really helpful, and thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for giving us the opportunity!

Helen Jowett, Visitor Experience Manager at RSPB Conwy

With the summer months approaching closer, the RSPB Nature Reserve in Conwy have installed one of our Solar Audio Posts. The UK charity promotes conservation of nature and is one of the largest conservation charities in the country. Their work allows them to protect birds and other wildlife in various habitats of our rapidly-changing landscape. This particular nature reserve got in touch with us looking to install an outdoor audio point where they could change the sounds to reflect the different seasons, as well as providing audio in both Welsh and English. This was all made possible after successful funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

RSPB Solar Audio Post in Conwy, West Wales

Our Solar Audio Post was chosen as it fit their needs perfectly with the ability to play outdoors via solar power and easy updating of content using the supplied USB programmer. The post is installed right at the entrance of Conwy’s nature reserve and plays sounds of frogs and freshwater life in their natural habitat alongside informative voice over. Audio is presented in Welsh and English depending in which of the two buttons is pressed. The Oak effect design of the Solar Audio Post means it’s able to fit in with the location perfectly.

Solar Audio Post wrapped up in snow at RSPB Conwy

Above is a picture shared with us by the happy folks at RSPB Conwy (the post is fully weather resistant with or without the hat and scarf!), since installation the Audio Post has been a great talking point for visitors when they enter the reserve and brings a unique element of interpretation to this great outdoor space.

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