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iPad Kiosk & Software – Headway Cambridgeshire

We were delighted with our products, they look very professional and were easy to use. This was really important for our clients, some of whom have cognitive challenges due to their brain injury.”

–Clare Hobbs, Hub Co-Ordinator & Art Therapist

The stands really helped to draw attention to the exhibition. They were very practical and user friendly. It was so much more interesting to get feedback this way. Much easier than a boring paper questionnaire, people enjoyed pressing the buttons and having a say. It was really helpful to our project. It was also great to have accessible oral history clips through the iPad. Lots of people watched them and it was a great way to get people interested in the topic and the project.

-The Headway Cambridgeshire Team

Headway Cambridgeshire making Headway Event with iPad Kiosk & Feedback Counter 2

Headway is one of the UK’s leading charities that work to improve life after brain injury. Established in 1980, the charity provides multiple services to help increase awareness of all aspect of brain injuries and has continued to grow in recent years, with more than 125 Headway groups and branches within in the UK today.

Recently, the Cambridgeshire branch of Headway organised an event called “Making Headway”. A group of seven people, all of whom use Headway’s services, researched the history of brain injury in Cambridgeshire. They created a digital timeline, film and exhibition as well as recording a series of oral histories to tell the stories of people with a brain injury. The Research Group at Headway Cambridgeshire was able to help plan this event thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Headway iPad Gallery software

iPad Video Gallery Software blackbox-av

We were contacted by Headway to provide them with a kiosk that could play a selection of films that were made by people within the organisation along with an easy way to get feedback about their event. We chose to supply our free-standing iPad enclosure and stand, which we now offer as a fully-fledged product from our online shop. This helps to keep the iPad in place and would turn it into a browsing kiosk in very little time. The software for the iPad was a bespoke build by ourselves and was programmed to play videos and allow multi-touch capabilities withy an easy to use interface. Along with the enclosure, we also supplied a feedback counter, utilising eight buttons which visitors could use to express their opinions about the event. Statistics are available to be viewed on the back of the counter.

Bespoke Feedback Button Counter by Blackbox-av for Headway Cambridgeshire Event Making Headway

The event was a huge success, with the iPad kiosk and accompanying Feedback Counter being a huge talking point for the event.

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