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Dunster Castle, Somerset

The delivery of these ideas has turned a once disappointing space into the great success that Dunster’s Crypt has now become with our visitors.

– Stephen Hayes from the National Trust *Taken from 20/20 Projects website*

Dunster is a picturesque medieval village in Somerset. With other 200 listed buildings and countless historical attractions visiting Dunster is like stepping back in time. At the centre of historical attractions in Dunster you will find Dunster Castle, steeped in history it was once a motte and bailey castle until turned into a lavish country home during the 19th century. Now thanks to the National Trust it is a major tourist attraction.

We approached Dunster when it became known they were looking to revamp their crypt and stable exhibits, telling the tale of Dunster castle throughout the ages. Amongst the exhibits to be created were those exploring the sporting history of Dunster, Dunster from the Air, the origins of Dunster and the sharing of various spooky ghost stories that have accumulated over the years.

20/20 Projects were already on board as the design team so we joined with them to supply all of the electronic components required for the project.

AudioSign Touch, SB Lites, AudioSign Turn and Video Frame 15

Dunster Castle AudioSign Turn Audio Panel

20/20 constructed the plan and we provided the hardware to make it possible. Many of the products used in the project were chosen due to their interactivity element. Amongst these were various SB-Lite button operated Audio Points used in the Crypt. View the third slideshow image above and you can see a sign that uses an 8 button SB-Lite to provide 8 various audio tracks to visitors. The idea is to sit inside the booth after pressing the button and enjoy some spooky ‘tales from the crypt’.

Dunster Castle SB-Lite in The Crypt

Here we also installed a bespoke lighting controller that interacted with the audio.

In the bat room (where you can learn all there is to know about bats!) an AudioSign Turn was used, allowing visitors to read the sign then turn the handle to hear a message, be it information about bats or various bat noises.

Dunster Castle Video Frame 12

Also located in the crypt is a Video Frame 15, here visitors can sit (or stand) and watch 6 videos each describing a part of the history of Dunster Castle, much of the audio content here was voiced by actor Clive Swift of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ fame.

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