SoundClip-8, 6 Buttons & Speaker – Edinburgh Zoo

  • SoundClip-8 & 6 Button Panel Installtion at Tiger Tracks, Edinburgh Zoo
  • Tiger Tracks Audio Interpretation by Blackbox-av

The Tiger Tracks enclosure in Edinburgh Zoo gives two Sumatran Tigers (Baginda & Jambi) a new home, along with some of our audio interpretation products. The enclosure allows visitors to come face to face with the tigers while learning about their home and how the zoo helps to protect these majestic big cats. There are currently fewer than 400 of the tigers remaining in the wild, making them a critically endangered species.

Tiger Tracks Audio Interpretation by Blackbox-av

We were contacted by Edinburgh Zoo to supply audio interpretation for the enclosure, with the aim of telling the story of how human and wildlife conflict has become a major issue that faces wild animals. The unique design of the exhibit allows the tigers to have as much free reign as possible and allows visitors to view them up close and personal.

Push button audio interpretation Edinburgh Zoo

Tiger Tracks Edinburgh Zoo

Our SoundClip-8, along with 6 of our standard push buttons & waterproof speaker were incorporated into a panel that resides within the Tiger Outlook Hut, where visitors can view the tigers from a distance and find out more information about the tiger’s native home in Sumatra. The panel tells stories of animals that reside in Sumatra and how their homes have been affected by human interference, with visitors pushing each of the buttons for different animal sounds. Further panels discuss how the zoo is helping to prevent these rare species from going extinct.

SoundClip-8 & 6 Button Panel Installtion at Tiger Tracks, Edinburgh Zoo

The new enclosure is a huge success with visitors and has allowed them to view the tigers in a magnificent and immersive space like never before.

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