42″ MediaScreen Schedule – National Museum of Ireland

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Products Used
Installation Team
  • Barbara Kenny – Exhibition Design
  • Alex Ward – Curator
  • Dora Murphy – Conservation & Mounting
  • Yvonne Dohetry – Graphic Design
  • David Mckenna – Exhibition Audio Visuals
  • Maureen Gaule – Marketing
  • Eamonn Carpenter – Lighting & Electricals
  • Brian Turnstead – Exhibition Build

From the 1950s to the 1990s, Ib Jorgensen was one of Ireland’s leading fashion designers, his name synonymous with elegant, glamorous clothing. A new exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland looks back at his storied career, displaying a selection of some forty garments supplemented with original fashion photography and illustrations.

42" MediaScreen Schedule - National Museum of Ireland

42" MediaScreen Schedule - National Museum of Ireland

A 42″ MediaScreen Schedule has been used to great effect within this new exhibition to display a 47 image slideshow of Ib Jorgensen fashion photography, the elegant slim design of the screen fits nicely with the alluring garments which surround it. With an inbuilt HD media player and low profile it’s not the screen itself which stands out, but the images displayed upon it.

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