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Located in Swadlincote, Derbyshire is Sharpe’s Pottery, operating for 146 years from 1821 to 1967 and opening once again as a museum in 2003. Thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant the museum has recently opened a brand new exhibition, designed to tell the story of South Derbyshire’s importance in the international development of public health thanks to the production of sanitaryware during the 19th and 20th centuries.

4Corners were commissioned to design and install the exhibition from the ground up, they in turn approached us when tasked with finding a simple solution for presenting a number of selectable video clips to visitors, that could be easily updated by the client when required.

VideoFrame 12

The VideoFrame 12 was exactly the solution required, an all-in-one video system that is programmed via SD card, allowing incredibly quick content changes. With up to 12 buttons available for use and easily designed button artwork it’s simple to customise for any installation.

The VF12 was used in a zone of the museum dedicated to exploring the legacy of mining in the area. Although renowned for its clay mining and potteries (supplying most of the country and a lot of the world’s clay pipes and toilets during its heyday) the mining had both a positive and negative effect on the area, both creating the community and then polluting it.

Each of the 12 videos currently on the VF12 explore a different aspect of this fact, including a look at the local landscape, community spirit, pollution and the decline in industry.

The clients aim is to constantly update the VideoFrame with visitor feedback, so with this in mind 4Corners designed basic button artwork that simply indicates each button from 1 – 12 + volume up and down, with the looping attracta video instead detailing the content that can be found on each, this can easily be changed in future along with the content and means the button artwork will always be relevant.

The end result when installed within well designed signage is an interactive video exhibit that fits seamlessly with the exhibition theme.

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