Oversized UTR Panel – Curraghs Wildlife Park

  • Silvery Gibbon U Turn Round at Curraghs Wildlife Park
  • Blackbox-av Oversized U Turn Round Panel at Curraghs Wildlife Park
  • Oversized U Turn Round Panel at Curraghs Wildlife Park
  • Slamet and Ffinlo at Curraghs Wildlife Park in Isle of Man
  • Driver's View of U Turn Round Panel at Gibbon Enclosure
  • U Turn Round Panel in use
  • Curraghs Wildlife Park Gibbon U Turn Round Panel
  • Oversized UTR Panel at Curraghs Wildlife Park

Visitors at the Oversized UTR Panel at Curraghs Wildlife Park

Curraghs Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man is home to a pair of silvery gibbons – one of the most endangered animals in the world. About 2,000 of breeding age live exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. Curraghs Park has been participating in a prestigious breeding programme which began in the summer of 2016 and have recently welcomed a new addition to their enclosure, Ffinlo who was born back in August.

Oversized U-Turn Round & Panel at Curraghs Wildlife Park, Isle of Man

The gibbons recently moved into a new enclosure and our U-Turn Round came with them. We were contacted by the wildlife park to help supply some outdoor audio to help visitors learn more about the gibbons and how they are facing extinction. For this, our UTR Through Panel was supplied outputting to a bespoke headphone which was then installed into a signage panel. Visitors simply select the track they want to listen to on the dial, wind the handle and then use the headphone provided to give visitors a chance to listen to the beautiful singing or enchanting calls and discover more about the home of the rare primate species. Our U-Turn Round’s self powered capabilities means that the unit can easily work outdoors just outside of the Gibbons area while the bespoke headphone output avoids confusing the gibbons with audio.

Oversized UTR Panel in use

Silvery Gibbons U-Turn Panel in use

Since the U-Turn Panel’s installation, the visitors at Curraghs Wildlife Park have been given an opportunity to listen and learn more about the Silvery Gibbons and the work that the park does in helping them from becoming extinct.

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