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Message in a Speaker Micro – Little Moreton Hall & Tyntesfield


Our U-Turn Round units are able to work with no mains power, they were able to lend itself perfectly to the Elenydd trail project. With the Oversized panel version of the U-Turn, it can be installed onto any accompanying panel making the possibilities for outdoor audio endless.

One of the most popular products we manufacture at blackbox-av is the MIAS (Message In A Speaker). This self contained PIR (Passive Infrared) activated speaker has a wealth of applications, both in the museum or heritage realm and the retail market. In recent months we have developed two new self contained speakers and turned the MIAS into a range. The MIAS – POS and the MIAS – Micro offer much the same functionality as the original but to suit varying needs and budgets.

Little Moreton Hall

An amazing structure that seems to defy gravity, Little Moreton Hall is a half-timbered manor house from the 15th and 16th-century. A big hit with visitors due to its unique and rather quirky appearance the manor house is a National Trust property that serves as an insight into what life was like during the 1600’s.

One small area of particular interest at Little Moreton Hall is the existence of a 1600’s dog kennel, built directly into one of the outside walls. Strangely, something about this dog kennel helps remind you that actual people once lived in this amazing building. The team over at Moreton Hall contacted us with the fun idea of creating audio within the kennel, that was activated only when people walked nearby. The solution to this was the compact PIR activated Message in a Speaker Micro (an earlier model), we were also commissioned to create the audio of a particular working dog that would have likely been living in the kennel at the time, a Lurcher.

The end result was exactly as planned, a fun way to bring attention to the kennel as visitors walk past, and invite closer inspection of the apparently barking Lurcher.


In North Somerset you will find the beautiful Victorian estate Tyntesfield, a great example of English Gothic Revival architecture that began in the late 1740’s. The original Regency-Gothic house that once stood on the site was purchased by William Gibbs (known as one of England’s richest commoners) in 1843, 20 years later in 1863 a full blown rebuild began which ultimately created the awe-inspiring building we see today.

In 2002 the building was up for sale to private interests, in a bid to maintain it as part of our national heritage the National Trust managed to raise enough funding to add Tyntesfield to their extensive list of properties. It opened to the public just 10 weeks later.

We were contacted by Katie Laidlaw from the National Trust at Tyntesfield who wanted a way to create audio that was only activated upon people entering a certain area. With its high quality JBL speaker and self contained PIR activation the original Message in a Speaker was the ideal choice. She already had the audio files to be used and was happy to add them to the speaker herself, after all it is a simple process of adding files to an SD card.

If you ever visit Tyntesfield (and we recommend you do) keep your ears out for the MIAS in action!

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