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Pavillions Teignmouth Information Point with bespoke software from Blackbox-av

22″ All-in-One Touchscreen – Pavillions Teignmouth

“Teignbridge District Council approached Blackbox-av as, along with our partners, Pavilions Teignmouth we were looking to install a touchscreen in the Tourist Information Point at the Pavilions as part of the offer. Blackbox-av were very helpful and knowledgeable.  We explained that we wanted the screen to host two websites only and not allow anyone to […]

Single Cup Armour Cable Headphones at Lancashire Museum

SoundClip-8 & Single Cup Headphones – HMDT Music

“HMDT Music used Blackbox-av to create audio for our First World War Trench Brothers exhibition. Blackbox-av’s equipment enabled us to include two songs for each soldier, created by different schools in Lancashire and London allowing visitors to share different empathetic and musical responses to the same story.” – Tertia Sefton-Green, Creative Director at HMDT Music A […]

Silvery Gibbon U Turn Round at Curraghs Wildlife Park

Oversized UTR Panel – Curraghs Wildlife Park

Curraghs Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man is home to a pair of silvery gibbons – one of the most endangered animals in the world. About 2,000 of breeding age live exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. Curraghs Park has been participating in a prestigious breeding programme which began in the summer of […]

Blackbox-av AudioFrame15 being used at Pontypridd YMCA Memories exhibit

AudioFrame15 – Pontypridd YMCA

“In brief, I found Blackbox-av very helpful and accessible, and they provided a product which was ideal for the exhibition and will be able to be used again in the longer term.” – Alan Humphries, Pontypridd YMCA The Pontypridd YMCA has been a part of the community for more than a century and thanks to funding […]

Church of St George Interactive Pew Software Kiosk by Blackbox-av

22” All-in-One Touchscreen & Lightbox 2 – St George’s Church

“The system as supplied was easy to install and after a morning’s training, we found it relatively straightforward to load with content, which is in our case primarily videos of various aspects of the church and the village… it has created a lot of interest and is fulfilling its intended role. I can recommend blackbox-av […]

Neath Abbey Solar Audio Post by Blackbox-av

Solar Audio Post & Audio Bench – Neath Abbey

Two of our popular outdoor products now have a home within Neath Abbey & Gatehouse, which is particularly good because it’s just down the road! Once described as “The fairest abbey in all Wales” by John Leland this heritage site has been under Cadw’s management for many years now. Having worked with Cadw many times before, we […]

15 Inch Open Frame Screen with Single Cup headphones in housing for Chepstow Museum

15″ Open Framed Screen With Headphones – Chepstow Museum

Hidden in the Lining: Krishna in the Garden of Assam is an exhibition at Chepstow Museum that tells the story of Assam, India and its history. Created in partnership with the British Museum, the centrepiece of the exhibit is a garment lined with ancient Vrindavani Vastra fabric, with links to Wales that were only recently recognised. […]

Modern 42 Inch Free Standing Kiosk with Software at Bugatti Trust

42″ Free Standing Kiosk & Software – The Bugatti Trust

“Combined with Lightbox and the Quiz, we were able to create content that would contribute to the overall educational impact of a visit. We particularly like the e-book feature too. Rhys was an essential part of the design process and we were delighted with the end product that was delivered on time exceeding expectations from a […]

‘Sleek’ Multi-Touch Table & Software – Spetchley Park & Gardens

Photos provided by JLA Consulting & Spetchley Park & Gardens. Based in Worcester, the Spetchley Park & Gardens have been open since 1924 and is voted one of England’s finest gardens. Hailed as Worcester’s best kept secret, a recent Revival Project aimed to help secure the garden’s future through a series of works and restorations. […]



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