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UTR Oversized through Panel for Alfred Russell Wallace Trail in Neath

UTR Oversized Through Panel – Alfred Russel Wallace Trail

Our popular UTR panel has made its way onto the Alfred Russel Wallace Trail, thanks to Neath Port Talbot Council. The trail focuses on the life and work of the famous naturalist & biologist, who spent five years furthering his scientific pursuits in Neath. The trail highlights sixteen locations which played a significant role in Wallace’s […]

SoundClip-8 & 6 Button Panel Installtion at Tiger Tracks, Edinburgh Zoo

SoundClip-8, 6 Buttons & Speaker – Edinburgh Zoo

The Tiger Tracks enclosure in Edinburgh Zoo gives two Sumatran Tigers (Baginda & Jambi) a new home, along with some of our audio interpretation products. The enclosure allows visitors to come face to face with the tigers while learning about their home and how the zoo helps to protect these majestic big cats. There are currently fewer […]

Armour Cable Headphones at Science Museum, London

Armour Cable Headphones – Science Museum, London

Last year, the Science Museum in London launched two new exhibits; Wounded: Conflict, Casualties and Care & Our Lives in Data. The Wounded exhibition commemorates the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, and how the wounds sustained by soldiers there impacted the medical industry. The latter exhibit aims to uncover many of the diverse and unique ways that […]

Blackbox-av 15 inch open frame screen at Wightwick Manor

15″ & 22″ Open Frame Video Screen – Wightwick Manor & Gardens

Wightwick Manor is a Victorian Manor house located in the West Midlands, once home to the Mander family for many generations. Now part of the National Trust, visitors are now able to explore the Manor and its large collection of Pre-Raphaelite artwork and interiors. Two of our open frame video screens have been utilised at the Manor […]

Blackbox-av SoundClip-2 featured in Experimentarium in Copenhagen

SoundClip-2 – Experimentarium, Copenhagen

“The delivery from BlackBoxAV was as ever, very prompt – next day I remember, and the units are very easy to install with a comprehensive user manual. Just connect to a pair of speakers and buttons or PIR if required, and you’re done.” – Ian Walters, Production Designer at Science Projects The Experimentarium is a science centre […]

Thackray Museum Touchscreen

22″ All-In-One Touchscreen – Thackray Medical Museum

Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds is now the proud owner of a 22″ All-In-One multi-touch screen. The museum shares the history of medicine and health across nine interactive galleries. Visitors are taken from the Victorian era to the present day, exploring how science and medical breakthroughs have changed many lives for the better. The museum contacted […]

Blackbox-av VideoClip HD-8 Video Player With Button Beckford Silk 2

Video Clip HD8 – Beckford Silk

Our Video Clip HD8 has found another home with Beckford Silk in Gloucestershire. Beckford Silk is a family run business  started in 1975 that specialises in textile printing. Run by the second generation of the Gardner family the business has loyal customers worldwide, including many within the museum & heritage sector. The VideoClip has been utilised within the […]

22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum

22″ All-In-One Touchscreen – Cardiff Story Museum

Cardiff Story Museum tells the grand tale of the changing face and history of the Welsh capital. The museum’s purpose is to document and share with visitors how Cardiff has transformed over the years from a small market town in the 1300’s, to one of the world’s biggest ports in the 1900’s and then into […]

VideoClip HD-8 - National Library of Wales

Video Clip HD8 – National Library of Wales

The National Library of Wales is the most recognised library in Wales and is run via the Welsh government. Their main aim is to preserve and archive objects and stories from Welsh history to be used for future research purposes. The library currently houses over 5 million books and 1 million maps, with the numbers […]



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