22″ All-In-One Touchscreen – Cardiff Story Museum

  • 22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum
  • 22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum
  • 22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum
  • 22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum

Cardiff Story Museum tells the grand tale of the changing face and history of the Welsh capital. The museum’s purpose is to document and share with visitors how Cardiff has transformed over the years from a small market town in the 1300’s, to one of the world’s biggest ports in the 1900’s and then into the popular capital city we know today. Utilising an array of media and items Cardiff’s history is shared through the eyes of the people who lived it.

Touchscreen kiosk Cardiff story

22" All-In-One Touchscreen - Cardiff Story Museum

We were asked by Cardiff Story to develop a bespoke touchscreen unit for their permanent exhibition, Cardiff In Context. Centering around the theme of Our Cardiff Story this exhibit revolves around stories from people who have lived or are living in Cardiff giving insight to their lives, their priorities and their Cardiff. The museum worked with community partners with emphasis on engaging young people who were socially excluded. Whilst working on the project they were able to learn skills such as story-boarding, script writing, camera work, and editing. All stories are presented in both English & Welsh which meant the software used had to allow visitors the option to choose between each language.

bespoke touchscreen kiosk design drawings

bespoke full print graphics multi-touch heritage interactive

The touchscreen unit was designed to remain in keeping with the colour scheme and branding of Cardiff Story. We liaised with the museum team to brand both the hardware and the software to ensure it worked well with existing gallery displays. Our All-in-One Touchscreen was supplied with three software options, HomeScreen, VideoShowreel and Screensaver.

VideoShowreel is able to display up to 10 HD videos for user selection, whilst Homescreen allowed us to display multiple version of the Videoshowreel app with different content held on each – in this case it was the same video in either English or Welsh. Screensaver allowed the creation of an attracter screen to display when the unit was not in use.

Our choice of software meant that the film could be displayed bilingually and was flexible enough to allow more films to be added on at a later date. Alongside the software, our Armour Cable headphones were also supplied.

customisable museum software Screensaver

Videoshowreel heritage interactive software

The final result has become an integral part of the Cardiff In Context gallery, with both software and kiosk fitting nicely with existing themes and the provision for content to be added to the kiosk in future.

Video Clip HD8 - Beckford Silk
Video Clip HD8 - National Library of Wales


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