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Silvery Gibbon U Turn Round at Curraghs Wildlife Park

Oversized UTR Panel – Curraghs Wildlife Park

Curraghs Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man is home to a pair of silvery gibbons – one of the most endangered animals in the world. About 2,000 of breeding age live exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. Curraghs Park has been participating in a prestigious breeding programme which began in the summer of […]

Neath Abbey Solar Audio Post by Blackbox-av

Solar Audio Post & Audio Bench – Neath Abbey

Two of our popular outdoor products now have a home within Neath Abbey & Gatehouse, which is particularly good because it’s just down the road! Once described as “The fairest abbey in all Wales” by John Leland this heritage site has been under Cadw’s management for many years now. Having worked with Cadw many times before, we […]

St Mary's Church sign of Dic Penderyn in Neath Port Talbot

Dic Penderyn Signage – St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church in Neath Port Talbot is the burial place to the most famous Welshman of the 19th Century, Dic Penderyn. Penderyn was a labourer and a coal miner who was hanged for stabbing a soldier during the 1831 riots in Merthyr, despite numerous pleas of innocence from himself and the public. His innocence […]

UTR Oversized through Panel for Alfred Russell Wallace Trail in Neath

UTR Oversized Through Panel – Alfred Russel Wallace Trail

Our popular UTR panel has made its way onto the Alfred Russel Wallace Trail, thanks to Neath Port Talbot Council. The trail focuses on the life and work of the famous naturalist & biologist, who spent five years furthering his scientific pursuits in Neath. The trail highlights sixteen locations which played a significant role in Wallace’s […]

Minute Man Historical Park Massachusetts

UTR Audio Box – Minute Man National Historical Park

Photos provided by 106 Group: “blackbox-av provided timely and responsive services and excellent products for this heavily visited historic site.” – Regine Kennedy, Planning Group Manager, 106 Group Back in 2012, we were approached by 106 Group to make some AudioSign Solar Posts for the Rohwer Japanese American Camp. We were recently approached again to help update […]

Wudinna Audio Box with paint by Armsign

U-Turn Round – Wudinna District Council

Photos provided by Armsign U Turn Round, Wudinna District Council Another one of our popular U Turn Rounds has found its way over to Australia for the Wudinna District Council, sharing informative audio about the famous ‘Australian Farmer’ sculpture – designed by Marijan Bekic and his son and unveiled by the Council back in 2009. It has […]

Wind up audio player in garden Adelaide

U-Turn Round – City of Prospect, Adelaide

A very colourful U-turn Round has found its way to Adelaide Australia where it’s helping educate local children on bird life in the area. Interpretation specialists Armsign were commissioned by the City of Prospect council to add an “element relating to bird life” in an updated children’s garden. Having worked with us and our outdoor […]

U-Turn Round and Audioframe 15 Winchester City Mill

U-Turn Round & AudioFrame 15 – Winchester City Mill

Winchester City Mill is a National Trust site on the River Itchen which after a 12 year restoration project completed in 2004 was returned to working order, once again able to grind flour by water power as it did from 1743 to the early 20th century. Thanks to volunteer millers the Winchester City Mill produces […]

U-Turn Round Audio Trail Spain Girona

U-Turn Round – Girona Spain, Audio Trail

Girona Spain is now home to a U-Turn Round audio trail in Park de les Ribes, a popular location for experiencing local wildlife with an especially diverse bird population nesting in the area, varying greatly throughout the year. Spanish interpretive specialists BDU (also our official distributor in Spain) were commissioned to develop an interpretive strategy […]



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