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‘Memory’ is an application that allows museums a way to engage younger (and possibly older!) visitors in a fun and interactive manner, improving upon the perhaps otherwise linear experience of standard interpretation. Interactive ‘zones’ that incorporate topical content but in an entertaining manner are a great way to keep visitors interested whilst remaining ‘on theme’ with the rest of the exhibition or attraction. View our other ‘entertainment’ orientated software packages TouchQuiz, TouchPuzzle and eCard Creator for more ideas.

‘Memory’ takes 9 unique images and creates a fun ‘find-a-pair’ game, it can be played in single player which goes up in 3 stages of difficulty, or in 2 player mode where visitors compete to uncover the most pairs. Created using a specially developed template software platform we/you are able to create a ‘Memory’ interactive at a percentage of the cost a fully bespoke system would be.

Key features

Icon: check3 stages of difficulty in single player mode
Icon: checkWhen combined with Editor a Memory interactive can be edited at any time
Icon: check2 player mode
Icon: checkUtilises 9 custom images as pairs
Icon: checkCustomisable background
Icon: checkCustomisable logo
Icon: checkMulti-touch controlled

How does it work?

Your ‘paired’ images, logo and background content is taken and inserted into our Memory software template, the result is a simple ‘Memory’ game! We can then pre-upload the interactive to hardware if purchased at the same time, or send you the installation files so you can install it on existing hardware. Or you can even purchase Memory in conjunction with our Editor Software and create your own Memory game.

The Interface

Each ‘Memory’ interactive follows the same layout – unique images are utilised to populate the paired images, visitors can then play in single player mode which moves through 3 stages of difficulty (4 pairs – 9 pairs – moving pairs) or in 2 player mode against each other. To the left of the screen the amount of moves and time used is displayed in single player, along with the ability to reset the board or exit.

Touch screen Memory game interface
Single player or 2 player is selected from the home screen. In 2 player mode visitors are prompted to enter their names and then take turns attempting to locate pairs of images, the score is recorded to the left with the ultimate winner decided by who finds the most pairs.


With the use of unique ‘paired’ images and the inclusion of a custom logo and background a ‘Memory’ interactive can be utilised for any topic and be made to fit with any branding requirements, for example below you can see the same ‘Memory’ platform as used with two very different subjects;

Customisable Memory Touch Game
The faced down images can also be customised, as seen in the space interactive above where we utilised pictures of the moon (very topical!) or in the WWII interactive where the outline colour was altered.

How to proceed

If you want us to compile your Memory interactive for you and you have your content ready (images, logo and background) then simply order a ‘Memory’ interactive from our online store (choosing Option 1) and a member of staff will be in touch to discuss your project. We will then create your interactive and send you the files for installation (or pre-upload it to hardware if ordered in conjunction). If however you wish to create your own Memory interactive and have the ability to change it in future then select Option 2 from the store along with a copy of Editor and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

If you need us to develop content, backgrounds or logos then get in touch and discuss your requirements today!

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