Lightbox 2 Media Browser*

What is Lightbox 2?

Lightbox 2 is a content management system for displaying video, image and audio files and is an excellent way to make a highly professional and interesting interface from archive photos, videos and audio tracks for visitors to view and explore.

Lightbox 2 is our second generation media browser and it now boasts an array of new features:

  • Easy to use management interface
  • Customisable “front end” skin designs
  • Centralised media library
  • Background caching
  • Remotely control different interactives*
  • Import / Export (archive) library

How Does it Work?

The software is split into two sections;

1. The Manager or “back end” side of the software – this allows you to add in all the content, add descriptions, choose thumbnails, organise groups and arrange how the “front end” and public will see the gallery browser.

2. The Viewer or “front end” of the software displays all the content that you have input through the skin design that you have chosen to the public or visitor.

What does it run on?

The software runs on PC (see PC specifications within manual) with the content stored either locally or networked and can be run remotely allowing for a for a central media library that may be connected to multiple Lightbox media viewer points within a museum. The user interface supports a multi touch screen (recommended) but can also run from a trackball mouse.

You can purchase Lightbox 2 from our shop.

* Maximum file size of 1gb per file for remote setups.

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