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Searching for some multi-media museum software? You could always pay a developer for massively expensive bespoke software… or then again you could use our highly customisable, versatile and cost effective Lightbox 2.

Lightbox 2 is our specially designed museum software, created to give museums and heritage sites a cost effective solution for multi-media browsing of their archived data. All content is managed in a clean ‘backend’ manager and then displayed to visitors through an elegant and easy to navigate viewer ‘front end’. Users interact with Lightbox through a multi-touch gesture sensitive interface which makes it ideal for use in public locations.

Key features

Icon: checkMulti-Touch gesture interface
Icon: checkPresents all media types, audio, video and pictures
Icon: checkAccompanying text for all media
Icon: checkFully customisable background, content, logo, welcome message
Icon: checkAttractor Screen
Icon: checkMulti-lingual support (display content in various languages)
Icon: checkOne Manager can support several Viewers over a Network
Icon: check6 ‘skins’ (layouts) to choose from
Icon: checkQuickly switch ‘front end’ content
Icon: checkImport or export your Lightbox library

How does it work?
Simply put: you add all of your archived media, be it audio files, videos or pictures through the Lightbox 2 content management system, you arrange this content into the desired groups and then choose how you wish to display it to the public by customising the Lightbox appearance.

There are two elements to Lightbox 2, the Management system and the Viewer. It’s in the manager that you arrange what will be seen in the viewer.

Frontend – Viewer

Attractor Screen
The first thing visitors will see is the Attractor screen, this is aptly named because it’s designed to attract attention and invite visitors to explore your content.

Museum Software, attractor screen

The images displayed in the Attractor Screen are chosen from uploaded images in the manager area, you can select individuals to display, or simply choose to display every image uploaded. The text is also customised in the backend as well as the logo.

Once past the Attractor Screen users access the ‘home’ screen, where they can see the sub-folders of your archived media. These folders are created and populated in the management backend, where you also choose the order they appear in the home screen.

There are 3 skins available (Tiles, Filmstrip and Flow) with 2 layouts for each (Single Screen or Split-Screen). This determines the way in which your content is presented, usually the best choice is a combination of personal preference and the type of content you have. Here are examples of the singlescreen vs splitscreen option;

Museum Software Lightbox 2 skins

Here’s the 3 skin options – each can be in either singlescreen or splitscreen;

Flow Tiles Filmstrip - museum software

Once again the logo, text and background is customisable in the backend, note the home screen text is not displayed in Split-Screen mode instead opting to keep content viewing and category selection all on the same screen. This can make for a quicker browsing experience but means you lose the option for homescreen text and category descriptions.

Lightbox is designed to be a multi-media archive viewer which means it is capable of playing all types of media. Images, videos and audio: you can display it all. With each piece of content you can write supplemental text which means in essence you are able to give a complete history lesson with Lightbox alone.

Multi-media museum software, touchscreen

Front-end content can be displayed in various languages, with users simply selecting which language via a drop-down menu located in the top right corner. The below example is content provided by a client who utilised Lightbox in a Vietnamese museum.

English Vietnamese

Backend – Manager

Adding Content
All content available in the frontend must first be populated in the manager. Thanks to the user-friendly backend this is a simple thing to do. Adding content and arranging it appropriately is essentially a 3 step process;

Icon: checkStep 1: Add your content to the Lightbox 2 library (add multiple files at once)
Icon: checkStep 2: Create sub-folders for your archived media (categories)
Icon: checkStep 3: Add supplementary information / custom thumbnails if desired (for video or audio files)

Media and sub-categories can be arranged via simple drag and drop, to position them in the order you want them to appear to users.

Multi-media museum software, manager backend

As mentioned, the customisation potential for Lightbox is what makes it ideal for almost any application. This is all done in the backend ‘skin’ section, here you choose the layout, logo, attractor screen images and background. When combined the customisation of these options can meld Lightbox 2 to any environment, no matter the theme of your content.

Multiple Viewers
Lightbox 2 manager can handle the content for multiple viewers (there is an added cost for additional viewers). In the ‘Content’ tab of the manager you can view all of the sub-categories currently uploaded to the library and choose which are available on each viewer. This not only allows you to show different content on various viewers, but quickly change what content is available on a single viewer if the need arises.

museum media browsing software

Quick Content Change
You can easily switch between content already uploaded quickly in the ‘Viewers’ tab to change what information Lightbox is displaying. Coupled with the customisation options this can allow a single Lightbox install to cater for different needs, for example imagine you needed to switch between various content on weekends, you would simply de-select/select the appropriate categories in the ‘Viewers’ tab, then alter various customisation options with the result being;

Museum software easily customised

Each change was achieved in under 30 seconds by merely changing the background image, skin type and selecting / unselecting content in the ‘Viewers’ tab.  Note that numerous viewers connected to a single manager can not have altering customisation options, but can display different content. The attractor screen, logo and background image will remain the same on each.

Take Control

Take control of your multimedia exhibits today. There isn’t a more versatile, cost effective or elegant solution on the market where multi-media museum software is concerned. Contact us for more information or click the button below to buy it online.

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