Introducing Our Headphone Auto Retractor!

Here at Blackbox-av, we work hard to bring you the latest and best audio visual interpretation products within the industry. Today we’ll be adding to our extensive list with our brand new product, the Headphones Auto Retractor!

What Is It?

Double Cup Headphone Auto Retractor Demonstration

The Auto Retractor is designed specifically for use with our Autoplay Single Cup or Double Cup Armoured Cable Headphones and SoundClip audio player range. This product is designed to keep your headphones stored securely and tidily, avoiding trip hazards on the floor and increasing cable longevity by reducing  the strain. Secured in place with an oversized stainless steel panel, this product is essential to any public environment.

How Does It Work?

Headphone Auto Retractor Side View

The retractor works by automatically feeding out our armour cable, when headphones are taken off their magnetic hanger. Audio will automatically begin to play as soon as the cable has been fed out. Once you’re done, pop the headphones back onto their hanger and the cable will feed back in, ensuring no tangles or trip hazards.

If the retractor feels a resistance on the cable, the audio will play again and leave the cable fed out completely and if the headphones are not put back on the hanger after a certain period of time, the cable will automatically activate, ensuring that the headphones are not left on the ground to avoid any accidents.

What’s Included?

Our Auto Retractor comes with your choice of either our Single Cup or Double Cup AutoPlay headphones. If you want to purchase a SoundClip to use with the retractor, it will have to be bought separately.

Where Can I Buy It?

Auto Retractor With Single Cup AutoPlay Headphone

Our Retractor is available now to purchase through our online shop, or you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about placing an order.

We hope that you love our new product as much as we do, and if you purchase one for yourself, make sure to show us your photos on social media with the hashtag #BBAV! And to keep up to date with our adventures in the AV world, make sure you follow us too! All of our social media links are up in the menu above. If you want to be notified everytime we have exciting news to share, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates!

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