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eCard Touchscreen Museum Software

Touch-screen eCard Creator

eCard Creator allows visitors to choose, customise and send electronic postcards from a touchscreen terminal. It’s a great way to commemorate a trip or let other people know where you’ve been in a fun and interactive manner.

With the inclusion of 8 unique cards, eCard Creator can be customised to cover any number of topics as well as branded to fit with any aesthetic thanks to the ability to use a custom background and logo. Users simply choose from the selection of eCards, add their own text and drawings using the inbuilt tool then send the finished eCard to an email of their choice. Created using a specially developed template software platform, we/you are able to produce an eCard Creator interactive at a percentage of the cost a fully bespoke system would be.

Key features

Icon: check8 custom eCards
Icon: checkWhen combined with Editor an eCard Creator interactive can be edited at any time
Icon: checkAdd text
Icon: checkDraw using inbuilt paint tool
Icon: checkEmail completed eCard to any email address
Icon: checkCustomisable background
Icon: checkCustomisable logo
Icon: checkTouchscreen interface

How does it work?

We/You take your images, logo and background and upload them within our Editor software via the eCard Template which then compiles your eCard Creator Interactive. We then either pre-upload your interactive to hardware if purchased in conjunction, or send you over the files for you to install the interactive yourself. You also have the option to purchase Editor and create/edit the interactive on your own.

The Interface

Each eCard interactive follows the same intuitive layout – visitors are given a choice of 8 eCards with which to customise their electronic postcard from. Once the eCard is selected users can then edit the message using a touchscreen keyboard or even get really creative with the inbuilt paint tool. Once their card is complete they simply enter the recipients email address and send it off.
eCard Creator Interface Museum Software
Once sent the recipient will receive an email with a predetermined subject line and message, with the eCard shared as an attachment. It’s that simple.


With the use of personalised cards, logo and background an eCard Creator interactive can be utilised for any topic and be made to fit with any branding requirements, below is an example of eCard Creator as used in a museum setting;

Customisable ecard creator Museum Software

How to proceed

If you want us to compile your eCard Creator interactive and have your content ready (ecard images, logo, background) then simply order an eCard Creator interactive from our online store (choosing Option 1) and a member of staff will be in touch regarding how to proceed, we will then create your interactive and send you the files for installation or pre-upload it to hardware if ordered at the same time. However if you wish to create your own eCard Creator interactive then order it from our online store choosing Option 2 and purchase a copy of Editor alongside, we’ll then send you everything you need to get started (hardware sold separately).

If you need us to develop content or custom backgrounds / logos then get in touch and discuss your requirements today!

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