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  • How To Add Audio To Outdoor Spaces Without Power

    How To add Audio To Outdoor Spaces Without Power

    Are you wondering how you can best add audio to an outdoor space? The very first thing you’ve probably found you need to consider is exactly what will power the device you end up using? Some products may need power cables (which is usually a big hassle in an open space) or battery packs (which […]

  • Sneak Peek & New Products

    Visitor Counter - Desktop Kiosk - Autoplay Handset

    Sneak Peek & New Products It’s getting very close to Christmas but before everybody goes into Christmas mode and starts forgetting about work, we wanted to show you some of the new products we’ve launched this month as well as a sneak peek at our ‘Headphone Cable React Retract Recoiler’ (a catchy working title) which […]

  • React Retract Headphone Cable Recoiler

    headphone cable automatic recoiler

    A preview of our upcoming ‘React Retract Headphone Cable Recoiler’, unique to blackbox-av – designed and manufactured in-house. The recoiler automatically feeds cable when the handset is lifted, and pulls it back in once the handset is placed back on the hanger. This handset is also equipped to automatically activate content when lifted – a […]

  • The New and Improved Solar Audio Post – Oak

    The New And Improved Solar Audio Post - Oak

    The Solar Audio Post Oak is back! After a period of re-design we’re happy to announce the return of our popular Oak style Solar Audio Post to the interpretationshop eShelf and it’s better than ever – read all about the updates below! New and Improved -Manufactured with Sustainable and Robust Accoya® Timber Based upon acetylated […]

  • Introducing the ‘Hardhat with Headphones’

    Introducing The Hardhat With Headphones

    Developed for a project at the Tees Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre – the Hardhat with Headphones combination was designed to immerse visitors in an audio tour relating to the construction of the bridge. Utilising our ever popular MKII headphones and a genuine safety helmet the Hardhat and Headphones combination adds a fun twist to the museum […]

  • Unique Outdoor Experience – The Keepers Quest

    Unique Outdoor Experience - The Keepers Quest

    The Keepers Quest For this months newsletter we thought we’d tell you about a unique interactive audio experience we worked on for Bryngarw Country Park. Watch the video to have the wonderful Ranger Daniel Lock give you the rundown! In short – the aim was to reconnect people with the natural landscape, bringing the story […]




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